ARTECH AD102-带USB接口的来电显示 (CTI)


Key features:

-Incoming/outgoing number, time & date record

-Conversation duration counting

-Compatible ETSI/Bellcore FSK and DTMF caller ID

-Live line operating status indication

-Flexible system parameter programming

-HID USB data transmission without USB driver

-Multiple system LED indicator status control

-Provide several talking startup conditions

-Start talking interval & missed call time setting

-Provide polarity reversal detection



Product: Single line USB Caller ID interface

Item No.: AD102

Dimension:138(L) × 106(W) × 25(H) (mm)

USB cable:1.5M

Weight:187 g



AD102 hardware, SDK(AIP) and DEMO Driver-CD,USB Cable, RJ11 Cord, User’s manual


重量 0.5 公斤
尺寸 13.8 × 10.6 × 2.5 厘米